Meet Your P.A.s

Program Assistants (or P.A.s) are your most important resource this summer.  As NYU students, they know everything about attending college and living in the city.  P.A.s will be living on each floor in Founders Hall.  The P.A.s will be running all of the events and activities while you are here, and they will also monitor policies, procedures, and safety. Whenever you have a question or need, reach out to your P.A.!

And here they are! The amazing P.A.s of Founders Hall:



Imani is going to be a 2nd year graduate student in the Higher Education & Student Affairs program within Steinhardt. She adores the color purple, iced coffee, and dogs of all kind. She also currently works on campus in the CMEP office, assisting the Associate Vice President for Diversity Initiatives & Student Affairs. She was super involved throughout her undergraduate at Syracuse University, active in a plethora of organizations and clubs–therefore a huge advocate of being involved on campus! She’s a NYC native and was a commuter student during her first year, so ask her ANYTHING about NYC. Especially if you need help with the subway.

College Tip: Mentors will help guide you. To take full advantage of your collegiate experience, you should get involved, make friends and develop a relationship with a mentor who can give you advice about the many experiences you will encounter.

Advice: Give this world good energy.



Allie’s going to be a senior in CAS, where she majors in Neural Science and minors in Chemistry & Child and Adolescent Mental Health Studies. She thinks theatre is the best, and in addition to two flourishing succulents, she has raised an abundant virtual plant garden full of plants she names after strong women in her life. She also loves smiling and nerdy science jokes: Why was Pavlov’s hair so smooth? Classical conditioning.

College Tip: Everyone else wants to meet people as much as you do, even if it feels like everyone has already found their “group.”

Advice:: Say yes to everything!! (as long as it’s safe)



Joe is a rising sophomore at NYU’s Stern School of Business. His favorite things include soccer, Oreos, and his two dogs — Ollie and Rosco. He’ll be going abroad for the first time next semester, studying at NYU London, where he’s planning trips all across Europe!

College Tip: Your college experience is defined by what you make of it. Want things to be different than they’ve been in the past? Show that through your actions and act on it!

Advice: Take your time! College may seem like it’s a race to find out what you want to do, make a ton of new friends, and learn exactly who you are. You have four years — use them!



Annesha is a rising senior in the College of Arts and Science, majoring in English. You can usually find her with a book in her hand – sometimes two. She loves exploring and likes to spend her evenings at the various free events across the city (especially if they come with free food). If “petting all dogs” was a career option, she’d take it. On a related note, she’ll be walking dogs this summer!

College Tip: I wish I had been less afraid to reach out. As a freshman, I didn’t think I knew enough to join clubs or e-boards, to attend activist meetings or writing groups. But later I found out that no one feels like they know enough — there’s actually no such thing as “knowing enough.” If you put yourself out there, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Advice: Find people you admire, whether they be professors or peers, and just talk to them. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to help and how easy it is to build a network of friends, collaborators, and supporters just by saying “hi.”



Steven is a rising senior in the College of Arts and Science, majoring in Philosophy. Always curious, Steven spends ample time researching topics such as how to perform card tricks, the unreality of the passage of time, and 90’s rap music. He’s a voracious reader, a good listener, and his favorite superhero is Deadpool.

College Tip: It’s very easy to coast and remain in a comfortable lifestyle. Take risks, challenge yourself and actively search for what you love to do and do not settle!

Advice: Try talking – and listening – to more people. You’ll be surprised about what others think and know. It’s also great to see how others view the world – give it a try!



All the way from Ohio, Wynn is a rising senior co-concentrating in Finance and Management. Don’t ask him about Broadway or roller coasters unless you have at least an hour to spare. Beware: If you stand still too long, Wynn may knit a hat directly onto your head.

College Tip: Slow down and enjoy the time you have – it’s okay if you don’t know what you want yet, but use this time to figure it out at your own pace.

Advice: Getting your first paycheck is an awesome feeling, but don’t spend it all right away. Figure out a budget so you don’t blow too much cash at once, or you’ll be strugglin’ till the next payday.


Olivia B.jpg

Olivia is a nursing student at Rory Meyers and currently entering her sophomore year at NYU. She loves video games and cartoons as well as musical theatre. If she’s not working on costumes, she is probably reading tarot cards!

College Tip: No one cares if you don’t look 100% put together everyday. PJs to class is fine in NYC!

Advice: Get out of your comfort zone once and awhile (in a legal/safe way of course)! I did, and I met a ton of interesting people!



Maddie is a rising senior in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Education Studies and Child & Adolescent Development and a minor in Public Policy and Management. She hates rain and loves every dog she’s ever met. If you need to find her, she is probably at The Bean drinking a Dirty Chai.

College Tip: Relax!

Advice: Take time for yourself. Practicing self-care is the key to success in New York City.



Ashley is a rising sophomore co-concentrating in Sustainable Business and Marketing at the Stern School of Business. She is a rower on NYU’s club crew team and is always down to discuss The Office. Having lived in Founders as a resident this past year, she is more than excited to return as a P.A. this summer. You can likely find Ashley at Sweetgreen, spending too much on a salad, or at Union Square, holding puppies with Mighty Mutts.

College Tip: Lean into the discomfort. Everything may seem new and overwhelming but if you don’t dive in head first it’s going to be hard to find new activities and friends that will make you happy.

Advice: Get involved in whatever you can! There’s so much to do in New York and so much opportunity to have a positive impact. Go to meetings, join volunteer programs and sports teams, and if you decide it’s too much, you can always cut down later. You won’t learn what you love unless you try a lot of things.



Daniel is a rising junior concentrating in Accounting and Data Science at the Stern School of Business. He is a volunteer at Two Birds One Stone, an active member of the NYU Republicans, and is a HUGE fan of Seinfeld. Always craving that tight community and intimacy, he is eager to integrate potential future college students with each other and into NYC. You are most likely to find him at the gym, the Weinstein cafeteria, or Bobst. And occasionally the Stern Building too, of course. Interesting Facts: My favorite music genre is Jazz/Rock Instrumentals and I haven’t had a single cup of coffee during my spring semester.

College Tip: Make friends a top priority along with studying.

Advice: Remember the college triangle (Sleep, Studying, Social Life – Pick 2)? Add a 4th side to it: Getting used to NYC.


Maria 2

Entering her junior year in CAS, Maria studies Urban Design and Architecture with a minor in Environmental Studies, She loves staying active, from running along the Hudson River to seeing a comedy show. Always wondering what makes a happy city, Maria can be spotted in search of matcha, coffee, and pocket parks.

College Tip: Be okay feeling uncomfortable. Everyone is nervous, excited, and a little lost. Go somewhere and explore the parts of the city that become your image of New York.

Advice: Take advantage of the small moments in exploring the city. There are hidden gems like the abandoned City Hall Stop as the 4/5 train changes between downtown and uptown. Beyond being beautiful and a tad eerie, it inspired “Fantastic Beasts!”



Olivia is a rising junior on the pre-law track, studying Politics, Public Policy, and Creative Writing. She is a 2013 alumna of the NYUSPS High School Academy and currently works in the Office of the Dean at the School of Professional Studies as an assistant for the High School Academy. She enjoys volunteering for The Seeing Eye, traveling, taking her dog swimming, and iced chai’s. Olivia is an avid foodie, so on weekends you can surely find her checking out a new restaurant in NYC.

College Tip: College can open the door to so many new opportunities. You can combine your passions/hobbies while still taking advantage of the resources and opportunities offered by considering internships, volunteer work, and jobs (while also building up your resume early on)!

Advice: Get to know your professors – they are there to help and can be great references. Go to office hours!



Logan is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in economic theory on the pre-med track with a double minor in chemistry and producing. (He has no idea what he wants to do with his life.) He enjoys going to Emo alt-rock concerts, singing in the shower, stealing memes, and sleeping most of his day away. Logan is hard of hearing, incredibly not athletic, and always craving food he can’t afford.  He still manages to listen well, walk faster than normal people, and eat more than enough food for the day.

College Tip: Just because you did well on all of your quizzes for a class does not mean you will definitely do well on the exam. I received a 42% on my first general chemistry midterm, which was thankfully dropped because I received a perfect score on all of the quizzes that came before.  I didn’t study at all for the exam, thinking it’d be a breeze… BIG MISTAKE!

Advice: Follow what you believe you’re passionate about, and if you lose the passion along the way, it’s okay to search for something new.



Kayleigh is a rising senior in Tisch Drama with a second major in English, because who needs sleep anyway, right? She loves the color pink, books, bagels, and smashing the patriarchy. She’s also a lifeguard, but sadly was not selected to be in the upcoming Baywatch remake.

College Tip: Nothing works out the way you plan it, and that’s for the best!

Advice: Go see theater! All of it!



Mary is a rising senior studying Global Public Health and Applied Psychology in Steinhardt & College of Global Public Health, with an interest in alternative methods of therapy and health and wellness. She absolutely loves dogs, fruit, and yoga. You’ll probably catch her with bubble tea/boba in her hand 90% of the time.

College Tip: Self-care practices exist and are really important and necessary.

Advice: Try everything! Put yourself out there and take opportunities to do/see/eat things you probably wouldn’t because you never know what you could end up loving.



Joanne is a rising junior studying journalism in CAS. She considers her three homes to be NYC, the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia area – not the Department of Motor Vehicles), and Seoul, South Korea. She likes to learn foreign languages, is a fan of pretty much all genres of music (no really, all of them), and you’d be hard-pressed to find a food she refuses to eat (seriously, just try her). In the mornings you can often find her tapping it back at SoulCycle, and in the evenings you can usually find her either at a concert or at the movies.

College Tip: Don’t let FOMO control you. It’s something that almost everyone has experienced before, especially people our age who are frequently documenting their lives on social media. And in a city as bustling as New York, it might seem like there’s always something to do, parties to go to, places to see, etc. But it’s important to take time for yourself, spend a weekend just relaxing, and catch up on work and sleep.

Advice: One of the best things about NYC is how diverse it is, but with that you should keep in mind that it’s good to be open-minded and respectful of all of the different and unfamiliar cultures, backgrounds, and opinions you might come across. Embrace the diversity, and you’ll likely find it to be something really valuable that not many other people get to experience.



Studying Computer Science in the Tandon School of Engineering, Sean loves to play computer games (Overwatch, League, and Heroes of the Storm) and enjoys cooking all kinds of food. He is interested in doing three minors: Gaming Engineering, Integrated Digital Media, and Cyber Security. In addition to his unrealistic academic goals, he is the Orientation Captain for Tandon and works as a TA for the General Engineering Department.

College Tip: You would have thought that college life is like a triangle with work, academics, and your social life.  It turns out to be a circle with many more things. Best wishes.

Advice: Time management is the key to being successful. Do not listen to your friends going out on a Monday night.



Mehak is a recent graduate of NYU Steinhardt with a major in Communicative Sciences and Disorders and minors in Global Public Health, Multifaith and Spiritual Leadership, and Nutrition and Dietetics. In the fall, Mehak will be starting graduate school at Teachers College, Columbia University. Mehak drinks coffee like it’s her job, and can tell you the best places to get coffee in almost any neighborhood in New York City.

College Tip: It’s okay to perpetually remain a tourist of NYC! There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of all of the amazing resources the city has to offer, and anyone who tells you otherwise probably isn’t having as much fun as you are.

Advice: Wake up early (sometimes). The city is a magically different place at 7 a.m.


Shobhit 2

Shobhit is a fifth-year student (#supersenior) pursuing a dual degree in Film & TV at the Tisch School of Arts and Finance at the Stern School of Business. During the year, you can find him around campus as an Admissions Ambassador for NYU, or in Lipton Hall as the RA for the NYU Show Explorations Floor (for the third year in a row). Shobhit loves travelling, meeting new people, social media, and meeting celebrities in and around NYC. He is a HUGE fan of Jimmy Fallon and interned for him during his senior year, in addition to working at Good Morning America, New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, and Walt Disney Studios. You can likely find Shobhit at Taco Bell when he is not exploring new parts of the Big Apple.

College Tip: College is full of possibilities, and you need to make time to explore them!

Advice: Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. College is the time to explore new avenues and try new things, so be brave because you never know what you may discover about yourself and others!



Molly is a rising senior in CAS studying psychology on the pre-med track. Molly’s passions include Developmental Psychology, Grey’s Anatomy, liquid lipstick, and Justin Bieber. Molly enjoys food, and can likely be found scouting NYC for new gluten-free destinations to try.

College Tip: It’s okay to have different groups of friends that don’t overlap, not everyone gets along all the time!

Advice: Try everything once…if you hate it you never have to do it again. This is a great rule of thumb for food items but also life in general.



Melody is a rising junior concentrating in Accounting and Economics at the Stern School of Business. She just returned from studying abroad in Florence and now considers herself a pasta connoisseur. Her passions include Disney, Disney, and Disney! Oh, and science and reading, too. Song lyrics make up about 90% of her brain, and you’ll most likely find her looking for people to play board games with.

College Tip: The most important thing is balance. Study hard, but be sure to make time for friends, and things you enjoy. College flies by, so make the most of it!

Advice: Get involved! College can get overwhelming at times, so doing something that you love helps keep you grounded.



As a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Computer Science, Ashwin enjoys living vicariously through celebrity talk show hosts such as Ellen Degeneres and James Corden. In an effort to maintain a modicum of his childlike wonder, Ashwin also plans to minor in Japanese and Game Design. It is likely that you’ll find Ashwin relaxing in his room while going out on the occasional adventure in the Big Apple.

College Tip: Getting lost in the city leads you to some interesting places.

Advice: You are going to be meeting a lot of people over a short time frame, so if you need some “me” time to recharge, take it.



Arabella recently graduated NYU with a B.S. in Childhood Education/Childhood Special Education and a minor in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. In the fall, she plans on teaching in a 5th grade classroom. Arabella loves dogs, coffee, and naps. You can likely find her in Washington Square Park sipping on a La Colombe draft latte.

College Tip: Explore the city, but take it easy! You have time to explore it.

Advice: Friendships take time and effort so it’s okay if you don’t have a BFF on day one.



Alyssa is a rising junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Public Policy and minoring in Global Public Health. She loves dogs and eats way too much by Chloe Mac N’ Cheese. This summer, you’ll be able to find her exploring more of NYC’s many museums, running along the Hudson River, or spending rainy days rewatching all of Parks and Rec.

College Tip: It’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable! Everyone else is also figuring out how to adjust to college life. Try new things and embrace the uncomfiness!

Advice: Take advantage of all the (free!) activities and programs NYU puts on, but remember it’s okay to spend a night in if you need it!



Christina is a rising senior in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Theatre and Psychology with a minor in Communicative Speech Disorders. She loves to sing, work with kids, and share really bad jokes, so she appreciates any volume of laughter (aka laugh at her jokes). You can find her having a discussion regarding diversity in the entertainment industry and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream or a bagel with lox.

College Tip: You don’t have to know what you want to do in the future. Take your time to simply explore and take in all the new experiences!

Advice: Smiling is contagious, so think positive and maybe even smile at a stranger!