10 Tips from College Students

You may not have realized it, but when you were admitted to your SPS High School Academy program, you were admitted to college.  That’s right! You are a college student!  That’s great, because it means you get to experience college firsthand and all NYU has to offer its students this summer.  It ALSO means you will be held to the same expectations as any other undergraduate while you are here–inside and outside the classroom.

Worried?  Don’t be!  Here are ten tips from college students about attending college.


  1. Embrace your college self: The first step to recovery is acceptance.  You are a college student, so act like one.
  2. Class is your job: A “student” is someone who studies.  You will be attending class and completing homework full-time, like a full-time job.  You will have some off time to hang out with friends or go on an event, but don’t let those things get in the way of class.
  3. Manage your time: This is the #1 skill college students say they learn when they start as freshman. You’ll have a lot to do from going to class to exploring the city.  Set a schedule for yourself, and you’ll stay on top of it all.
  4. Take care of yourself: With so much going on, it is easy to forget to do the basic things like getting enough sleep and eating decent meals (chicken fingers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is not sustainable).  Make sure you take care of yourself, and everything else will follow.
  5. Challenge is a good thing: Really.  If you are not challenged, you won’t grow and change.  If you are feeling the pressure, take it step by step and pretty soon the challenge will be behind you, and it won’t be a challenge anymore.
  6. Ask for help: This is the #1 thing college students say they wish they did more of.  There are a TON of resources and services available to you at NYU and a TON of people here to help you from your professor to your program staff to your P.A.  Asking questions may feel awkward and you may think you look stupid for asking, but that’s not true.  Asking for help is the best way to solve any problem.
  7. Get involved: You won’t get much out of your time at NYU and you won’t meet anyone if you don’t put yourself out there.  Be the first to say hello and introduce yourself, sign up for an event outside your comfort zone.  You’ll have great experiences to share back home and your social circle will grow each day.
  8. Know your limits: If you know you cannot function on four hours of sleep, best not stay up watching Netflix.  If you have trouble concentrating on your work in a loud room, find a study space. Know yourself, and you won’t set yourself up for hard times ahead.
  9. Be a community member: Treat others with respect and help your fellow students do the same. Talk to people, ask questions, and reach out.  Your college world will be a better place.
  10. Explore and have fun!: This is your chance to experience something new, do something different, meet people from another state or country.  College is an opportunity to experience a lot of new places, people, and ideas.  Dive in and have a blast doing it.

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