All About MetroCards

The MetroCard is what everyone in New York uses to travel on the subways or buses in the city.  When you are at NYU, you must get a MetroCard so you can get around.  As a reminder, participation in events during your program does not include the cost of transportation so all students will need their own card.

We strongly recommend you get your MetroCard before class begins so you are set for your time in the city, and you don’t hold up all your fellow students by standing in line at the subway station to buy your card while everyone else is ready to board the train. No fun.

How do you get a MetroCard?
Every subway station in  the city has a kiosk where you can purchase or refill a MetroCard.  If you have time after you arrive on campus, you can buy a card at the Union Square subway station (the closest station to Founders Hall).

How much does a MetroCard cost?
The card itself costs $1.00, and one ride on the subway or bus is $2.75.  You can put as much money as you like on your MetroCard.  You can also buy unlimited ride cards which give you as many rides as you want within a set time period.  A 7-day unlimited ride MetroCard costs $32.00.  A 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard costs $121.00.

Tip: When you swipe your MetroCard at a subway station or on the bus, the turnstile will show the balance on your card.  It is a helpful way to keep track of when you might need to refill your card.


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